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Snow 18 Jan 2013 Photos


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With all the snow today our house went for a walk up the hill and took lots of photos:

Aber Falls


Another sunny day and myself and Shaun went to Aber Falls for a walk. It was very hot and the waterfall wasn’t nearly as wet as Shaun was expecting it to be. It was still a very nice walk and will do it again soon. Shaun did start talking to the sheep but they just stared blankly back and bleated.

Pictures are on my Facebook profile.

Walking the River


Since I finished my exams I have stayed with my boyfriend for a few weeks and on the 22nd we took a little walk.

It was a nice sunny day that Shaun, Kelsey and myself decided to go on a trip. Up a river. A nice day for a bit of gorge walking up the Avon Ddu Gorge.

It was a nice walk in a cool river, would have been better without a pulled muscle in my back from sleeping funny the night before, but was glad I persevered.

Climbing Weekend


This weekend I had my boyfriend down spending Friday night till today with me. Decided to show him the labs at uni on Saturday quickly and then go to the union with members of our course to watch the Wales rugby game followed by the England game. Had a fun day on Sunday with climbing with some other people on our course as a break from all the work we have had recently and still have a few more to go yet. Today we followed this up and we walked up Y Garn, we would have then followed this with Pen Y Fan but the wind was not agreeing with my ears and was causing one of them real pain so we then went back down. Next time a hat will defiantly be in order.

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