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The Return


So begins the return train journey back to uni at least there is only two trains for the return and not four. I’m not going to write much for this post other than now unless something really interesting happens.

Way Home



The temperature today is at about 0 degrees C and being up this early on a freezing cold day is a new for me, I really didn’t want to get out of bed at all.

Todays journey home started of very well, apart from realising when I ordered these tickets I forgot to use my rail card.


The next part from Cardiff Central to Bristol Parkway was interesting the train (more…)



I took the final exam to get the certification for being a CISCO Certified Network Associate on Tuesday of this week. It was a hard exam and unfortunately needing 825 marks out of 1000 I failed by just 4 marks getting 821. When I saw it I was slightly disappointed by being that close. But with a bit more revision next time I take it, I will surely pass it. I have to wait until Monday before I can rebook the exam.
After the exam I went back to Redruth School for the evening for Redruth’s Got Talent most of the acts were superb but it was so much of a headache getting it set up and ready this year but was glad a certain person was not there as that would have made it a lot lot worse.
Well I am currently on the train to Cheltenham to see how Jason has used my lights and bring them home tomorrow afternoon.

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