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Who wants to be an American Idiot


Shaun was down again this weekend for going to see both American Idiot: The Musical today and Ice Age Live which is tomorrow.

American Idiot was in the Welsh Millenium Centre. The start of the show set the scene for what was to follow lighting wise. The lighting for the majority of the songs was more or less the same. So much strobe throughout the whole show which was very unnecessary. Sound wise the show started with hardly any bass and too much high frequencies. It improved a bit further in with some more bass but was still overly top heavy.

There were two bits that were really good in the performance: the video; and the flying.

The video used in the performance was excellent. Lots of screens mounted on the wall each with separate feeds. With at least 2 (or 3) projectors mapped onto the walls of the set with no obvious seams. The best bit of the performance.

The human flying which was so smooth must have been automated, which is the best piece of human choreographed flying my boyfriend has ever seen.

It was an ok show but I wouldn’t see it again. The video used in it was the best use of video in a show that I have seen.

End of the Fringe


The Edinburgh Fringe 2012 has come to an end. So sad to see it go. It has been such an incredible month working with some of the most amazing people.

We had an extraordinary bunch of people working in the Pleasance Dome with excellent shows.

We started our get out for 10 Dome as soon as The Three Englishmen finished their last show at 18:40. Well after a few photos and a ceremonious turning off of the 10 Dome gobo by fading it out slowly.

10 Dome was out by 23:00 and all that remained of us was a small paint mark left on the wall and some slightly grubbier white walls; at 11pm, 10 Dome was no more all that was left was a Dressing room and an empty room.

We spent the rest of the evening into the early morning assisting Queen Dome until we were broken at 03:00 to get some sleep before needing to be back at 09:00 to carry on with all the get outs. By the end of the day we had all the venues out and almost everything that needed to go to the Courtyard was back there; all the bits that get stored on the container were in the now empty Queen Dome or the Quad ready to be taken out to the container on the final day. The excellent team of Jason and Tess packed the container and we continued to pack the container for the rest of the day bringing steel deck seating, flats, scaff, insulation, blacks, and tools until they finally closed it up with everything neatly packed in and locked it up at which point the heavens opened and rained very heavily for the next half an hour to an hour. The most rain that festival, with hardly any rain over the majority until that downpour and a few lighter ones during the packing.

Going to the Courtyard to collect our pay was very satisfying but also very sad as it meant that it was all over. The next day I would be on the train to my boyfriends and the Fringe would be completed. Not before, however, a staff meal and party starting in King Dome/Ace Dome for the meal and Anthony’s speech. Then heading over to Frankensteins for drinks and dancing until 3am which was great to finish on.

Got up the next day and caught the train to my boyfriends. Leaving Edinburgh, Pleasance, the Dome and everyone I met behind (bar one who was on the same train as me) all will be missed greatly.

Until hopefully next year.

Who plugged that in there?


Yesterday evening for our Live Sound Technology 2 module it was our last assessment for this year. The brief was to create a sound system for a medium scale talent search event. We had to design a talkback system and all the routing to get signals between several different areas including: the main stage; the foyer stage; the backstage area; the stage manager; outside; and a broadcast feed

I believe the practical went very well. The basis of the groups design was from my original plan. The majority of the system worked straight away, apart from a couple of cables that did not work or were in the wrong connection, and pressing of the wrong buttons. Everyone seemed to pull their weight for this practical more so than a couple of other pracs we have had.

Below is the time-lapse of the setup that we ended up doing, I could have done with a couple of cameras to have the full system in view as wherever it was placed would miss some of the action. I regret not doing it for the rigging practical as well because that would have been a very good one to do.

University Applicant Day


Today we went into Uni on our day off to, firstly gain experience in using the Yamaha LS9 as our assignment for Live Sound Technology 2 is to write a quick start guide for this console, and to secondly give the applicants something to look at and for us to talk about the course to them.

We set up the system with a multi-track playback using the Universities Alesis HD24 and with two Mackie monitors. We also connected it to a wireless router to show how the desk could be controlled from an iPad and from a laptop. To show off a bit more we also set up a mini band in the other room and connected that to an analogue desk with talkback and monitors. The set up went well and once the applicants left we swapped over the live mics into the digital desk to look more at setting up talkback and monitors sending signals to different areas using the digital processing.

One thing we found with the iPad app is if you are in Sends on Faders Mode you shouldn’t send re-verb back to itself as this created a feedback loop as we didn’t realise it was still in sends on faders, took us a couple of minutes to work this out, but made sure that we did not do that again.

It was good meeting some prospective students and being able to tell them about some of our experiences of university so far. It was also valuable time with the LS9 for our assignment that we were set yesterday.

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