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Who wants to be an American Idiot


Shaun was down again this weekend for going to see both American Idiot: The Musical today and Ice Age Live which is tomorrow.

American Idiot was in the Welsh Millenium Centre. The start of the show set the scene for what was to follow lighting wise. The lighting for the majority of the songs was more or less the same. So much strobe throughout the whole show which was very unnecessary. Sound wise the show started with hardly any bass and too much high frequencies. It improved a bit further in with some more bass but was still overly top heavy.

There were two bits that were really good in the performance: the video; and the flying.

The video used in the performance was excellent. Lots of screens mounted on the wall each with separate feeds. With at least 2 (or 3) projectors mapped onto the walls of the set with no obvious seams. The best bit of the performance.

The human flying which was so smooth must have been automated, which is the best piece of human choreographed flying my boyfriend has ever seen.

It was an ok show but I wouldn’t see it again. The video used in it was the best use of video in a show that I have seen.

GHOST floats away


Last weekend Shaun and myself went down to London to see the last show of GHOST the musical in the Piccadilly Theatre on the west end.

We were sat in the centre of the stalls. The show went amazingly and even the actors started crying on stage in some parts, making it even more realistic. Okay the storyline isn’t the best but the technical aspects of it are absolutely amazing. It is such a shame that it is being replaced by a jukebox musical – Viva Forever. GHOST had some great actors and actresses playing their roles very well.

There was a very nice speech by the director at the end of the evening and Shaun got the program signed by most of the main actors – apart from one who didn’t really do the role justice as the original actor playing him.

I loved the video aspects of it with the moving LED walls and front projection with all the illusions too. The way video was integrated into the show was superb and was the part of the performance that I was impressed by the most. It was an amazing atmosphere, being the last show, with most of the audience knowing that it was the final performance. IT was great to be part of the last performance of a great show.

The Singing Sisters


When we went to Liverpool for Matt’s birthday we decided to go and watch Sister Act: The Musical which was touring there at the time. We arrived at the Liverpool Empire theatre with 5 minutes to spare after a nice meal out.

I saw the show at the London Palladium when it was still on the West End and was quite impressed with it; although GHOST: The Musical is much more impressive.

In the west end the announcements for no photography and to turn off mobiles etc was done by Whoopi Goldberg. I was rather disappointed that this was not the case for the tour, although some of the jokes in this such as using a phone at the theatre is a sin were still included.


Cracking a few Nuts at the Bristol Hippodrome


Matthew Bourne has created a completely different take on a classic ballet piece with his individual slant. His Nutcracker, a dance of two acts, is set in a orphanage with the main protagonist a little orphaned girl named Clara. The start is a facade with a Christmas party that it just for show for some visitors. As soon as they leave all the toys and decorations are taken away. They go off to bed, and then enter a dream world. The doll that Clara received becomes human and takes them there to two dream worlds, the frozen lake and sweetie land.

This production was very well staged apart from a couple of moments when aspects of the show were able to be seen which should not have been. A couple of cloths were taken out too far and this was seen when they were taken out live with a piece of scenery and the bottom of the cloth was a good few inches from the bottom of the scenery piece.

To be finished…

The Beastly Hall for Cornwall with a Beauty


Last week my boyfriend and I also paid a visit to the Hall for Cornwall for a production of the Beauty and the Beast by TAODS. Their performance of it was very good with superb set. A few flying errors especially as the one we saw was the last one of the run. Most of the cloths were bounced and one came in too far allowing the audience to see the bar and the ties, even from row M where we were sat, which then had to be taken out slightly.

A couple of lighting effects were not very well thought of and looked, for a lack of a better word, a bit naff. A way I can tell that the show was good is with what my boyfriend says about it. He said this one was ok, which by most peoples standards is good. Especially for an amateur performance, as he has seen the professional production I expected no less. If his comment was “It was interesting” then he didn’t really enjoy it.

The cast performed this show very well and all the songs were sung very well. I really enjoyed the performance and had a good time with my boyfriend watching it. Another show well done for TAODS.

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