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Staff in their eyes


Just come back from doing the sound for Staff in Their Eyes with Jason doing lighting. It was really cool but I must say some teachers really can’t sing (Don’t ask me who I won’t tell you! :D) There was alot to set up and it went really well with a couple of technical glitches. Such as a certain teacher trying to use the only microphone with a switch on it and not realizing until I called our try the switch from my sound desk. Also another teacher pulled the mic off of the stand and dropped it on the floor with the foam damper coming off as well. Luckily nothing broke! I would have been very annoyed if it did break because we only have three microphones, because there are about four of them that have gone missing. But I digress, it was a great evening and I will probably end up being involved with it next year too.

Rerigged our lighting today


Well today I have been at school for longer than most as I was helping to rerig our drama lighting rig. It was very interesting and now we are all set for Sweeney Todd in a couple of weeks.

We finished rigging at about 7 pm. But we finally got it done. There was four of us. We set up the scaffolding and once it was set up I went up to the control room where we needed to plug in each of the lights that were needed so we could focus them.

I enjoyed it alot, and am looking forward to actually using the rig on Tuesday in my Drama lesson.

Media Studies


Media Studies has to be one of the coolest subjects. Every lesson almost, we have a bit of a last and today’s lesson was no exception.

When somehow we got onto talking about the X-Factor, and how bad the latest winner was when someone played the song that she has since made. Then one of my friends blurted out

“If I want to hear a drowned rat, I would drown one”

That had us in stitches especially how quickly the insult was thought up.

There has been loads of funny things going on in Media Studies. Like last year two students in my class were making fun of how a certain teacher talks and had us all in stitches for over three quarters of the lesson!

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