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The Beastly Hall for Cornwall with a Beauty


Last week my boyfriend and I also paid a visit to the Hall for Cornwall for a production of the Beauty and the Beast by TAODS. Their performance of it was very good with superb set. A few flying errors especially as the one we saw was the last one of the run. Most of the cloths were bounced and one came in too far allowing the audience to see the bar and the ties, even from row M where we were sat, which then had to be taken out slightly.

A couple of lighting effects were not very well thought of and looked, for a lack of a better word, a bit naff. A way I can tell that the show was good is with what my boyfriend says about it. He said this one was ok, which by most peoples standards is good. Especially for an amateur performance, as he has seen the professional production I expected no less. If his comment was “It was interesting” then he didn’t really enjoy it.

The cast performed this show very well and all the songs were sung very well. I really enjoyed the performance and had a good time with my boyfriend watching it. Another show well done for TAODS.

Bugsy Malone at Redruth School


*** UPDATED: 2012-03-11 *** On reading the review on the school’s website many of the things I identified during this post were rectified and they produced an excellent show once again. To read their review go to Bugsy Malone Review. I would like to congratulate Sarah Mottart and the team involved for the great shows that the school always puts on. It was a shame not to be involved with it, or to get to see an evening performance due to university commitments.

I thought I should say before you read this that I didn’t realise how critical I was until I reread this back to myself.

This morning I saw Bugsy Malone at Redruth School: A Technology College, the first show out of the last four that I have not been involved with the lights or sound.

The new headmaster, Craig Martin, has made some great changes since I was last there and the school looks much smarter now. A new smart reception area for visitors and parents. A few other changes that weren’t major and didn’t stand out but the feel was a much nicer environment.

Got to see lots of my old teachers, which was very nice and they were happy to see me.


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