I know I have not been posting regularly but I just haven’t had the time. I have been very busy and still am,

Basically I am doing a redesign of the internal web app that I created for KMHS.

The application at the moment is in two separate parts which I will incorporate into one so that code can be utilized across them. The parts are:

A Lone Worker/Monitoring System
This allows the staff to set a time and details of a client to be set and the console plays an audible tone once the time goes past the time set. The staff then call to check that the worker is okay and will then clear the alert.
Call Logging System
This is a way for all the calls that KMHS takes to be logged in a Database and can then be queried to create a report to print for each client. There are two at the moment Vets and Business, but when I create the new Database, there will be several (eight or nine at the moment) and these will be easy to add to.

These parts utilize the same database so it make sense that they use the same code and can communicate to one another, as all data is linked to DDI’s which each of KMHS’ clients have uniquely.

My new application will have lots more added features and will feature some use of AJAX to perform the displaying of different forms for each DDI, and to display the monitoring console. I will be writing it in PHP using a MySQL database and writing using OOP.

I am doing this redesign for one of several reasons:

  1. The original design was basic
  2. The original was not expandable
  3. The original had more than one way of doing the same thing
  4. The original was very resource intensive
  5. The original was hard to update
  6. So I can get some money
  7. So that it will be much more pleasing to look at
  8. So that it will function faster
  9. So that it will be easier and much more secure to update
  10. So that it can minimize as much human error when calls are being inputted

I will update this post with some screenshots of the current system for you to all look at and say how bad they are. Well they are not that bad they are just too plain and simple. Even though that is what is required, they do work and are easy(ish) to use, they are not easy to change and update and the code for them is all over the place.

Having programmed some of this I do believe that some of what I have created is not TRUE OOP, but I will be improving on to make it better all the time and as this is the first time I have used OOP to write programs it will not necessarily be right.

So what else am I going to get up to for the rest of the summer?

Well, hopefully I will be redesigning this blog (don’t get your hopes up it may not happen) and also I will be waiting for GCSE results. I am going on holiday in the caravan with my family for I think it is ten days in August. I will also be getting ready for entering the sixth form. Which on Friday I will be going in to discuss one of the courses I really want to do which happens to clash with some f the other choices I have made, and it had to be one of the courses I was most looking forward to doing.

Well I am going to finish there as I am pretty tired and am off to bed. Goodnight. =D