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Playing in the mud with the Hippo


For Uni we have an assignment for our Performance Lighting Design module where we are to create a design for a theoretical concert on a stage in a place. We have been given two songs to light and have to come up with the full lighting design for those two songs. Using CAST Software’s lighting visualisation software WYSIWYG. Click More to read the rest of the post: (more…)

Zookeepers and Hippos


We had a video practical today where the plan was to have a go with the Green Hippo Hippotizer which the university owns. The Hippotizer is a Media Server. We had several problems in getting it to work. We spent three hours with no success and then I decided just out of interest what happens if I swap the H Sync and V Sync connections on the break out to VGA.


Media Evaluation


My final product was my version of a video for the original version of Run by Snow Patrol following the conventions from the genre Alternative Pop. I wanted to make the video so that there would only be one person on screen at any one time. However, when creating the video there were a couple of areas I decided would be better if I had more than one person. Using the clips I had, I superimposed some clips together.

When filming I ran into some problems when I filmed the sequences in the attic. I did not notice when filming, but there was not much light meaning the footage became very grainy. To combat this I decided to tint the footage and remove some of the colour. This has had the effect of making the footage to become similar quality throughout. For the songs chorus I decided to lose this effect to go along with the narrative in the chorus. “Light Up, Light Up”.

To give the video a nice effect and to finish it off I letterboxed it; the letterboxing allowed the video to look more professional and brings together the images to a smoother finish. The letterbox gives the video a “clean” look.

For the actual singing of the songs, I used mid range shots encompassing the tops of the legs to the head. I also used some side shots of the head and shoulders. These shots allow the mouth to be seen whilst the words are being sung, whilst also being able to see part of the body. With the style of the lyrics in the song I asked my actors to try to stay as still as possible. I felt that this would give the meaning of the words more power.

In the songs chorus I used the lyrics literally with the start of the chorus being very dimly lit, then moving into the chorus the lights got brighter and brighter. From the start of thinking about this project I wanted to do that for lighting up as when I listened to this song I just had a vision of the lights coming up on the singer.

One of the parts I believe to be the strongest in my video is the ending. When I was adding clips to the timeline, by a complete accident I added that clip at the end and when I watched it through, I thought that all I need now is to add a fade out to blackout to fit with the fade out that is already in the music.

Overall the process went really smoothly. I did not have as many problems as I was expecting, but there were a few that I did not expect; such as the grainy footage from the attic. Also there were a couple of clips which at the time of filming I did not notice, but slight changes in lighting made the focus change on the footage. This became rather annoying on several parts of the filming as apart from the changes of focus, those clips would have been perfect. I managed to get round this by reshooting parts of it and using different clips all together for the other ones.

Summing up of Research


To conclude the research I have done into the videos of the two previous posts, I have discovered that the way male stars is portrayed is considerably different form the way that the female stars are shown.

Although I looked mainly at the two videos mentioned, I have also looked at several others, such as another version of Run by Leona Lewis, and Signal Fire by Snow Patrol. The general way that male stars are shown in this genre makes them seem alone but also shows them as being strong characters. Even though in "Signal Fire", the characters are mostly children doing a school production. The characters are portrayed in a stereotypical way. The main boy is shown to be saving the day and with a astrong personality, there are the "bad guys" that are shown to be strong being attaceked by a stronger "good guy", because the main people in this video are so young it adds to the cuteness, but also shows you how the stereotypes can be shown through different age groups. The girl in this is shown like the virgin and the cutey that could get any guy but chooses that one. They have cast a cute looking girl to play the role as you could imagine this little girl growing up into a good looking women. They are still able to stay strong by the end of the video. The male stars in this genre are often on their own in their videos, which differ from the female stars, who often has more than one other female and possibly a couple of male characters. The male characters are portrayed a lot differently in the ones where they are only secondary actors. When in this role they are represented as being ‘sleazebags’ by going straight for another girl after they have split up. However they are also shown to be protective to their girl.

Female stars generally get represented in five different stereotypes:

  1. The "slut"/"whore"
  2. The Virgin
  3. The Wife/Mother
  4. The Widow and
  5. The Dominatrix/Powerful

In the Leona Lewis song, women are represented as full of emotion and don’t give things a chance to work.They are characters which make women seem like "sluts". The ways in which it does this are through how the women act around the men and heow they are defined by them.

Many men in the same genre are represented rather differently. They are more in control and power, with them in the "Bleeding Love" video being portrayed as very powerful when they are in control and competing over the girl who tries to stop them but fails. The general message behind

From my research, it is clear that women are stereotypically represented in a completly different view to how men are. The womens representation, however, stems from the men and often it is how they are treated by or act around men that puts the women into their sterotypcal categories. For example the girl in the "Bleeding Love" video with two men, with her cheating on them; this puts her into the "slut" category.Whereas if she was shown alone like another one is with some pictures around her of a man it suggests a widow not necessarily dead but loosing someone she loved.

Using this research I want to show that the people in my video still follow the same conventions. Using these videos as base lines I want to have the people in the videos singing the song. I also want to show the singers on their own, and look like they are feeling down when they are singing.

Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars


Embedding of this video was disabled, so here is the link

This video is remarkably different to the other. In one way that it only has one person throughout the whole of the video. This adds focus to the video and allows for the viewer to feel the emotion created more.

The Camera angles used at the beginning are close ups which shows parts of the person that is singing on his own. These close ups allow the viewer to get up close and personal with the singer, and allow you to sympathise with him.

The video starts in sepia tone then moving on to a dull light state, which adds to the feeling of sadness and loneliness that is created by the music and the single person. The colour tone of the video helps to show the emotion as it makes the image completely different to the colours of the previous video which goes to say that the two videos are quite different.

In the video the male star is represented as a man who has love for someone and is reaching out. This is backed up by the words of the song, and the type of camera shots used. The majority of the video is close up with the face or hands. This allows you to see the expression he shows and how he acts. Such as it shows him very nervously squeezing his hands and grabbing for things. Also the end it goes quieter and you get a head and shoulder shot zooming out from the singer looking up towards the camera with a sad expression to go with the sad tone of the track. Making the audience feel distanced from this sad but strong individual who is standing there on his own wanting someone to come and stand with him.

The male star reaching out is achieved through many ways. The shots of his eyes and mouth at close ups to show his expression, one of sadness and contentment. The shots of other parts of his body also show this with his hands stretching out as though he is reaching out and longing for his love.

Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love


Embedding of this video was disabled, so here is the link

Bleeding Love starts with the image of a tenement building with a few of the room illuminated. The in the rooms lit up you can see the people that the video later on shows in their rooms. The guy and the girl arguing, Leona pushed up against the wall,and the girl lying on the bed. Several other rooms light up and some the lights go off. It then zooms in to one room with a couple of sharp cuts to increase how fast it zooms in. This part of the video kind of sets the scene for the rest of the video in a block of flats, and the residents that live there. It uses the zoom to focus your attention to the room and the occupant which is the singer of the song.

In this video women are represented in two ways out of the five stereotypes of women. The movements that the women make are very slutty. If you look at the way Leona slides down the wall at the very start, she moves her body in a way that is alluring. Just before she starts to sing, she slides her hand up her leg in a sexual way. Her stare into the camera is very seductive and makes her seem very slut like. her costume at this point is a very sparkly silver sequined dress which glimmers in as she moves her body whilst singing. Her stare makes her seem slutty, but the dress she is wearing brings a sense of higher class with it, as it looks one of the more expensive type of dresses.

The narrative of the video does not support her being a slut, although one of the women is shown as a slut as she is using two men. Women are represented in this way throughout the whole of the video and the rousing glances and movements from the singer show this stereotype very well.

I mentioned it shows two of the five stereotypes, the other is that the sad/widow type. There are two women in this video that are shown like this. The first is Leona she is shown sliding down the wall and looks very lonely and upset. It then shows that she has appeared to have dumped her boyfriend. Building on the stereotype of the sad/widow she has made herself appear both this and a slutty women at the same time, showing that women are defined by the relationship they have with men.

The video uses lots of low angle camera shots of Leona in the video which provides another way to make Leona alluring. With a combination of the way that Leona is moving and the camera angles used, she is made to seem very tart like.

There are also lots of shots that are hand-held and very shaky. These are mainly when you are looking straight into her eyes. The motion of the camera at these points makes it feel that the captivated audience is there and they are physically looking into her eyes and they are about to give into her.

Media Studies – Research into how Men and Women are represented in Music Videos


As part of my Media Studies I will be writing a few posts on how male and female stars are represented differently in similar genres of music.

I will have a look at how they are represented in a few music videos and then write about all of them in another post.

Hopefully after this I may get into blogging a bit more and write more often than I have as I have not written anything on here for over 4 months.

Media Studies


Media Studies has to be one of the coolest subjects. Every lesson almost, we have a bit of a last and today’s lesson was no exception.

When somehow we got onto talking about the X-Factor, and how bad the latest winner was when someone played the song that she has since made. Then one of my friends blurted out

“If I want to hear a drowned rat, I would drown one”

That had us in stitches especially how quickly the insult was thought up.

There has been loads of funny things going on in Media Studies. Like last year two students in my class were making fun of how a certain teacher talks and had us all in stitches for over three quarters of the lesson!

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