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A Fully Fed Hippo: with Photos


The labs at Glamorgan University were open again this weekend on Saturday from 10 till 3 as they will be until the end of term. I went up to work on my sound assignment mostly but also wanted to have a better look around the Hippotizer.

I set the hippo up with two projectors overlapping in Pan mode, also with two monitors for the GUI. After all the problems with the Hippo on the Friday, I turned it on today and it worked straight away, with all screens and projectors live and displaying an output.


Zookeepers and Hippos


We had a video practical today where the plan was to have a go with the Green Hippo Hippotizer which the university owns. The Hippotizer is a Media Server. We had several problems in getting it to work. We spent three hours with no success and then I decided just out of interest what happens if I swap the H Sync and V Sync connections on the break out to VGA.


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