Today we went into Uni on our day off to, firstly gain experience in using the Yamaha LS9 as our assignment for Live Sound Technology 2 is to write a quick start guide for this console, and to secondly give the applicants something to look at and for us to talk about the course to them.

We set up the system with a multi-track playback using the Universities Alesis HD24 and with two Mackie monitors. We also connected it to a wireless router to show how the desk could be controlled from an iPad and from a laptop. To show off a bit more we also set up a mini band in the other room and connected that to an analogue desk with talkback and monitors. The set up went well and once the applicants left we swapped over the live mics into the digital desk to look more at setting up talkback and monitors sending signals to different areas using the digital processing.

One thing we found with the iPad app is if you are in Sends on Faders Mode you shouldn’t send re-verb back to itself as this created a feedback loop as we didn’t realise it was still in sends on faders, took us a couple of minutes to work this out, but made sure that we did not do that again.

It was good meeting some prospective students and being able to tell them about some of our experiences of university so far. It was also valuable time with the LS9 for our assignment that we were set yesterday.