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Playing in the mud with the Hippo


For Uni we have an assignment for our Performance Lighting Design module where we are to create a design for a theoretical concert on a stage in a place. We have been given two songs to light and have to come up with the full lighting design for those two songs. Using CAST Software’s lighting visualisation software WYSIWYG. Click More to read the rest of the post: (more…)

A Fully Fed Hippo: with Photos


The labs at Glamorgan University were open again this weekend on Saturday from 10 till 3 as they will be until the end of term. I went up to work on my sound assignment mostly but also wanted to have a better look around the Hippotizer.

I set the hippo up with two projectors overlapping in Pan mode, also with two monitors for the GUI. After all the problems with the Hippo on the Friday, I turned it on today and it worked straight away, with all screens and projectors live and displaying an output.


Zookeepers and Hippos


We had a video practical today where the plan was to have a go with the Green Hippo Hippotizer which the university owns. The Hippotizer is a Media Server. We had several problems in getting it to work. We spent three hours with no success and then I decided just out of interest what happens if I swap the H Sync and V Sync connections on the break out to VGA.


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