Have you ever gone

I will save that in a minute when I’ve added this and this to it

Then it’s just at the point you are ready to save the screen goes black and switches itself off, or the BSOD?

It did that to me today. I was happily editing my WYSIWYG design and the screen went black and the laptop turned itself off. Most of the time when I am doing programming etc I press Ctrl-S all the time. But today I didn’t think about it and forgot and lost 5 hours of work adding all my lights into the right places. To say I am now not in the best of moods is an understatement. Especially on reloading Wyg and for the first time it not recovering at least everything up to the last 10 minutes, it recovered nothing.

Ctrl-S and Cmd-S are so useful and for the rest of the day that I am going to be working on that and doing the write up those keys are going to be pressed at least every few changes.

Just realised I haven’t had lunch yet today because I’ve been so concentrating on my Lighting Design assignment which all the stuff I did on my laptop has now been lost. Should probably have some lunch now.