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University First Year Done


Well. I have now finished the first year of uni and it has been very fun lots of new things along with some things being repeated which I have already done before but I understand why I had to repeat them.

Passed the 17th edition wiring regulations exam on Wednesday with 84% which I am pleased about. The other two exams were ok but I think I could have done better in them if I started my revision earlier, but I still think I’ve done well in them.

Just got to wait for the results of them now, then on to next year.

Theory Test


Yesterday I had my Driving theory test, which I was partly dreading, I went through the test feeling fully confident on the questions, the hazard perception part not so. I passed though, 49 out of 50 for the questions and 44 out of 75 for the hazard perception, which was only just a pass with the pass for hazard perception being 44.

Now I just have to wait for my practical, which I am going to have to book a cancellation as the earliest date I can go for is the 1st October, and I won’t be in Cornwall then hopefully. So I have booked that but hopefully a cancellation will come up and will be able to have it earlier. Got a few more lessons to get in before it anyway, just being more confident at doing things really. I have a lesson later today in fact.

After writing this, I have been able to get a cancellation for the 20th August.

Driving Lessons


Well I have finally started my driving lessons again, and have booked my their test for next week. Slightly nervous about the Hazard Perception part, but I should do well and have been practicing for a few weeks. Once I get my theory out of the way it will be a case of booking my practical and then just waiting. I am likely to have to go for a cancellation as people booking their tests now have to wait till the 20th September, and that’s now so by next week it will be the end of September.

The week after next I will also be rebooking my CCNA for. So will get that out of the way too. Then I am just waiting till the 19th August for my A Level results to see if I have got what I need to go to University, I do hope I have done well because Glamorgan is such a good uni and I’ve met a couple of people up there and they are great people, and I have had a bit off chat with a couple of other people that will be on the same course through YouGo.

GCSE’s approaching fast


My GCSE exams are approaching fast. Lots of coursework and lots of revision. The first exam I have is Drama…

TOMORROW and Thursday!

I will have to do my speech on my lighting and then do our performance. I am beginning to feel a bit nervous but I am sure it will be fine although thinking about it I need to adjust my speech a little so I am off to do that now.

Also can any one that is reading my blog please leave a comment so I know who is reading it.

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