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Barabas Workshop


Today with my drama class and the Year 13, we went to the Hall for Cornwall to do a workshop with some of the actors that did Barabas which we went to see last week.

I really enjoyed it even though I am a techy and not an actor, it was really interesting. We did lots of different thing including some games and also some work on language uses lines from Shakespeare’s plays and from Barabas. It was all very interesting, and fun.

It was also nice to work with the Year 13 in a bigger group as our drama class there is only four of us and it was good to work in a group that has more people in.

GCSE’s approaching fast


My GCSE exams are approaching fast. Lots of coursework and lots of revision. The first exam I have is Drama…

TOMORROW and Thursday!

I will have to do my speech on my lighting and then do our performance. I am beginning to feel a bit nervous but I am sure it will be fine although thinking about it I need to adjust my speech a little so I am off to do that now.

Also can any one that is reading my blog please leave a comment so I know who is reading it.

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