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Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love


Embedding of this video was disabled, so here is the link

Bleeding Love starts with the image of a tenement building with a few of the room illuminated. The in the rooms lit up you can see the people that the video later on shows in their rooms. The guy and the girl arguing, Leona pushed up against the wall,and the girl lying on the bed. Several other rooms light up and some the lights go off. It then zooms in to one room with a couple of sharp cuts to increase how fast it zooms in. This part of the video kind of sets the scene for the rest of the video in a block of flats, and the residents that live there. It uses the zoom to focus your attention to the room and the occupant which is the singer of the song.

In this video women are represented in two ways out of the five stereotypes of women. The movements that the women make are very slutty. If you look at the way Leona slides down the wall at the very start, she moves her body in a way that is alluring. Just before she starts to sing, she slides her hand up her leg in a sexual way. Her stare into the camera is very seductive and makes her seem very slut like. her costume at this point is a very sparkly silver sequined dress which glimmers in as she moves her body whilst singing. Her stare makes her seem slutty, but the dress she is wearing brings a sense of higher class with it, as it looks one of the more expensive type of dresses.

The narrative of the video does not support her being a slut, although one of the women is shown as a slut as she is using two men. Women are represented in this way throughout the whole of the video and the rousing glances and movements from the singer show this stereotype very well.

I mentioned it shows two of the five stereotypes, the other is that the sad/widow type. There are two women in this video that are shown like this. The first is Leona she is shown sliding down the wall and looks very lonely and upset. It then shows that she has appeared to have dumped her boyfriend. Building on the stereotype of the sad/widow she has made herself appear both this and a slutty women at the same time, showing that women are defined by the relationship they have with men.

The video uses lots of low angle camera shots of Leona in the video which provides another way to make Leona alluring. With a combination of the way that Leona is moving and the camera angles used, she is made to seem very tart like.

There are also lots of shots that are hand-held and very shaky. These are mainly when you are looking straight into her eyes. The motion of the camera at these points makes it feel that the captivated audience is there and they are physically looking into her eyes and they are about to give into her.

Media Studies – Research into how Men and Women are represented in Music Videos


As part of my Media Studies I will be writing a few posts on how male and female stars are represented differently in similar genres of music.

I will have a look at how they are represented in a few music videos and then write about all of them in another post.

Hopefully after this I may get into blogging a bit more and write more often than I have as I have not written anything on here for over 4 months.

Few posts


Over the last few weeks and for the next few months I will probably not be posting too many as I have alot of coursework and revision to do for my GCSE’s.

When I say alot, I mean ALOT. At the moment I have Media Studies to hand in on Wed 30th Jan and also English to hand in Thu 7th Feb. I also have Drama stuff to do where I have to write down all my lighting designs and set up the lighting program for before Easter.

So because of school work, there will not be much posted on here. One thing I will however post on here is alot of stuff on Sweeney Todd, our school production, in which I am doing the lighting for.

I hope to see you at Sweeney Todd! (See a previous post for more details) 

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