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University First Year Done


Well. I have now finished the first year of uni and it has been very fun lots of new things along with some things being repeated which I have already done before but I understand why I had to repeat them.

Passed the 17th edition wiring regulations exam on Wednesday with 84% which I am pleased about. The other two exams were ok but I think I could have done better in them if I started my revision earlier, but I still think I’ve done well in them.

Just got to wait for the results of them now, then on to next year.

Move to University


Yesterday I made the move up to my shared house for the next year. It is a fairly nice house and my room is bigger than my room at home. I have some nice housemates and think I will have a great time here. I’m looking forward to starting the course, and freshers week next week. Everything is now more or less unpacked, and have all the tools I need for the course despite only getting the list on Monday evening, so all is good.

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