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Hanging Around in Liverpool


It was Shaun’s friends’ birthday on Wednesday so we drove to Liverpool, as you do. So we took him climbing. The climbing centre we visited was Awesome Walls. Matt was allowed in for free as it was his birthday. We spent a few hours there and Shaun and Matt had a fair few climbs, I was still aching from the Gorge walking so didn’t actually climb any just did some belaying. Will defiantly have to go there when I’m not aching so much.

We headed back to Matt’s and then headed out for some food before we went to the theatre to see Sister Act. Which will be in the next post.

Video to Climbing


I managed to get a lot of coursework done during the day yesterday and am close to completing the LS9 coursework. The only thing that is annoying me at the moment is a cold I have which is heavily affecting my chest and making me cough and be very wheezy the last few days.

We had our last video practical yesterday as well, which was assessed. We looked at some of the possible test signals for PAL systems to see what the different signals looked like and what they are used for.

After our practical we took a trip to the Rock UK Summit Centre in Treharris. Below are the pictures that I took of them all climbing.


Climbing Weekend


This weekend I had my boyfriend down spending Friday night till today with me. Decided to show him the labs at uni on Saturday quickly and then go to the union with members of our course to watch the Wales rugby game followed by the England game. Had a fun day on Sunday with climbing with some other people on our course as a break from all the work we have had recently and still have a few more to go yet. Today we followed this up and we walked up Y Garn, we would have then followed this with Pen Y Fan but the wind was not agreeing with my ears and was causing one of them real pain so we then went back down. Next time a hat will defiantly be in order.

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