Graduation and Interview



A couple of months ago I had my final exam at uni. Having found out my results at the end of last month, today I am on the way back to Trefforest for the graduation ceremony. The ceremony will be shown live on the universities website: Live Webcast. The ceremony starts at 14:30. I will be graduating with a First Class BSc Honours degree in Live Events Technology.

On Thursday I have my first interview in Reading. Looks to be a pretty good position. Slightly nervous about it though.

Over the past few weeks I have been working on my database system for the family business. I have changed the way one feature – the monitor – works completely. It was requesting from the server every few seconds and getting a full list of all current monitors and iterating through the received list and updating any that had changed. Now instead of having to go to the server and receive a list of them all it opens up a web socket to a server holding all the monitors which pushes changes to each connected client. Whilst on the subject of push notifications, I have been developing an app for the business on iOS which pushes a notification out to the registered devices when we enter a new call into the system. Creating an app was much easier than I had expected it would be. Similar coding styles to other languages I have used. On top of all of that I have also been working on a door access system to register iButtons to allow them access to the office with multiple doors controlled and a couple of which will only be accessible by a select few iButtons. This has taken a back seat a bit as I am waiting for a couple of circuit boards to solder a chip onto as I have a surface mount chip that will enable me to read the multiple iButtons. The software I am using for it needs the device to be present for me to get the code correct and check that it is working.

New Year Changes


firworksWith the new year I have made some changes to my site and hosting with it moved to a new (faster) server (and much cheaper). I have a few new years resolutions which I hope to keep but am not going to post them up in case I do not keep them.

So close to graduating now with just 6 months left. It does not feel like I have been there for two and a half years, it has gone so fast. Met some amazing people and had an amazing time.

Lyon 2012


wpid-wpid-IMG_0529.jpgAfter a good trip last year to Lyon, we went to Lyon for a second time this year. After last year of driving to the airport overnight to make the early flight we decided it would be a much better idea to go the night before and get some sleep in a hotel before getting up and walking 2 minuets to checkin. Read more … (more…)

Playing in the mud with the Hippo


For Uni we have an assignment for our Performance Lighting Design module where we are to create a design for a theoretical concert on a stage in a place. We have been given two songs to light and have to come up with the full lighting design for those two songs. Using CAST Software’s lighting visualisation software WYSIWYG. Click More to read the rest of the post: (more…)

Video to Climbing


I managed to get a lot of coursework done during the day yesterday and am close to completing the LS9 coursework. The only thing that is annoying me at the moment is a cold I have which is heavily affecting my chest and making me cough and be very wheezy the last few days.

We had our last video practical yesterday as well, which was assessed. We looked at some of the possible test signals for PAL systems to see what the different signals looked like and what they are used for.

After our practical we took a trip to the Rock UK Summit Centre in Treharris. Below are the pictures that I took of them all climbing.


Who plugged that in there?


Yesterday evening for our Live Sound Technology 2 module it was our last assessment for this year. The brief was to create a sound system for a medium scale talent search event. We had to design a talkback system and all the routing to get signals between several different areas including: the main stage; the foyer stage; the backstage area; the stage manager; outside; and a broadcast feed

I believe the practical went very well. The basis of the groups design was from my original plan. The majority of the system worked straight away, apart from a couple of cables that did not work or were in the wrong connection, and pressing of the wrong buttons. Everyone seemed to pull their weight for this practical more so than a couple of other pracs we have had.

Below is the time-lapse of the setup that we ended up doing, I could have done with a couple of cameras to have the full system in view as wherever it was placed would miss some of the action. I regret not doing it for the rigging practical as well because that would have been a very good one to do.

A Fully Fed Hippo: with Photos


The labs at Glamorgan University were open again this weekend on Saturday from 10 till 3 as they will be until the end of term. I went up to work on my sound assignment mostly but also wanted to have a better look around the Hippotizer.

I set the hippo up with two projectors overlapping in Pan mode, also with two monitors for the GUI. After all the problems with the Hippo on the Friday, I turned it on today and it worked straight away, with all screens and projectors live and displaying an output.


Zookeepers and Hippos


We had a video practical today where the plan was to have a go with the Green Hippo Hippotizer which the university owns. The Hippotizer is a Media Server. We had several problems in getting it to work. We spent three hours with no success and then I decided just out of interest what happens if I swap the H Sync and V Sync connections on the break out to VGA.


Wednesday of Shows


Last Wednesday was a day full of shows. We left Treforest at 7 and headed to London.

The main reason we had gone was for the ARC Show, an architectural lighting show. There was a few bits that interested me but it did not take us long to go around the show and look at the bits that interested us. So we decided to catch a matinee of a show as we were in London. It had to be done. Some of the group went to watch Wicked, whilst me and two others went to watch Les Miserables. Although I wanted to see Wicked I knew my boyfriend wanted to take me so I wanted my first time seeing that show with him as it was his favourite musical.


The importance of Ctrl-S or Cmd-S


Have you ever gone

I will save that in a minute when I’ve added this and this to it

Then it’s just at the point you are ready to save the screen goes black and switches itself off, or the BSOD?

It did that to me today. I was happily editing my WYSIWYG design and the screen went black and the laptop turned itself off. Most of the time when I am doing programming etc I press Ctrl-S all the time. But today I didn’t think about it and forgot and lost 5 hours of work adding all my lights into the right places. To say I am now not in the best of moods is an understatement. Especially on reloading Wyg and for the first time it not recovering at least everything up to the last 10 minutes, it recovered nothing.

Ctrl-S and Cmd-S are so useful and for the rest of the day that I am going to be working on that and doing the write up those keys are going to be pressed at least every few changes.

Just realised I haven’t had lunch yet today because I’ve been so concentrating on my Lighting Design assignment which all the stuff I did on my laptop has now been lost. Should probably have some lunch now.

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