Lyon 2012


wpid-wpid-IMG_0529.jpgAfter a good trip last year to Lyon, we went to Lyon for a second time this year. After last year of driving to the airport overnight to make the early flight we decided it would be a much better idea to go the night before and get some sleep in a hotel before getting up and walking 2 minuets to checkin. Read more … (more…)

End of the Fringe


The Edinburgh Fringe 2012 has come to an end. So sad to see it go. It has been such an incredible month working with some of the most amazing people.

We had an extraordinary bunch of people working in the Pleasance Dome with excellent shows.

We started our get out for 10 Dome as soon as The Three Englishmen finished their last show at 18:40. Well after a few photos and a ceremonious turning off of the 10 Dome gobo by fading it out slowly.

10 Dome was out by 23:00 and all that remained of us was a small paint mark left on the wall and some slightly grubbier white walls; at 11pm, 10 Dome was no more all that was left was a Dressing room and an empty room.

We spent the rest of the evening into the early morning assisting Queen Dome until we were broken at 03:00 to get some sleep before needing to be back at 09:00 to carry on with all the get outs. By the end of the day we had all the venues out and almost everything that needed to go to the Courtyard was back there; all the bits that get stored on the container were in the now empty Queen Dome or the Quad ready to be taken out to the container on the final day. The excellent team of Jason and Tess packed the container and we continued to pack the container for the rest of the day bringing steel deck seating, flats, scaff, insulation, blacks, and tools until they finally closed it up with everything neatly packed in and locked it up at which point the heavens opened and rained very heavily for the next half an hour to an hour. The most rain that festival, with hardly any rain over the majority until that downpour and a few lighter ones during the packing.

Going to the Courtyard to collect our pay was very satisfying but also very sad as it meant that it was all over. The next day I would be on the train to my boyfriends and the Fringe would be completed. Not before, however, a staff meal and party starting in King Dome/Ace Dome for the meal and Anthony’s speech. Then heading over to Frankensteins for drinks and dancing until 3am which was great to finish on.

Got up the next day and caught the train to my boyfriends. Leaving Edinburgh, Pleasance, the Dome and everyone I met behind (bar one who was on the same train as me) all will be missed greatly.

Until hopefully next year.

The Fringe Festival at Pleasance Dome: 10 Dome


After a great first week up here at the Festival we are now in full swing. We arrived here on the 27th and had an introduction talk then a drink at the pub in the evening.

Remembering names isn’t my strongest point and have met so many new people. Not sure on all their names still.

The two days after that were for finishing off the venues. We started by removing hundreds of chairs from below Pleasance two’s seating.

When we got to our venue we started doing all the small bits to make the venue ready for the public and the shows.

The Tech rehearsals went very well over the next couple of days and the companies were mostly happy.

We have some great acts in our venue. With shows starting from 12:20 going right through till 00:05. There are nine shows in our venue.

Starting with a musical called “US Beef” about the US meat industry (and the general corporate world).

The next show is As You Like It. It is a good production of it set around the 1960s and has a great group of actors.

We then go into an excellent play called “Peter Panic”. It is very dark and has an excellent story. The script can also be purchased after the show for a reduced price only for the festival. The play also has one of our biggest sets.

This is followed by a one woman play called “Juana in a Million” about immigrants into the UK and their experiences. It’s a very touching story.

We have a great comedy show from The Three Englishmen called “Squares” which we operate and is extremely funny and is defiantly worth a visit to come and see it. The four of them are very funny and their sketches are superb.

Tom Deacon then does a show called “Deaconator” which is all about closure that Tom needs now he is 26 and the trouble he has completing a goal which he was unable to do in 1995.

Danielle Ward follows Tom with one of two shows depending on the day of the week. One is “Speakeasy” which is a very funny standup show. The other is a storytelling show called “Playdead” with some scary stories. Both shows are very good. I prefer “Playdead” over the standup although still find the standup excellent too.

Peacock and Gamble follows Danielle’s show. Their show “Peacock and Gamble Don’t even want to be on TV anyway” it’s all about – you guessed it – how they do not want to be on the TV. It’s a really enjoyable group of sketches to watch.

Our final show is Monkey Toast which is an improvised chat show. They have a few guests on each night with a chat show. Which after they have chatted for a bit there are a cast of about 6 improvisers who then proceed to do some improv based on the chat.

Aber Falls


Another sunny day and myself and Shaun went to Aber Falls for a walk. It was very hot and the waterfall wasn’t nearly as wet as Shaun was expecting it to be. It was still a very nice walk and will do it again soon. Shaun did start talking to the sheep but they just stared blankly back and bleated.

Pictures are on my Facebook profile.

Hanging Around in Liverpool


It was Shaun’s friends’ birthday on Wednesday so we drove to Liverpool, as you do. So we took him climbing. The climbing centre we visited was Awesome Walls. Matt was allowed in for free as it was his birthday. We spent a few hours there and Shaun and Matt had a fair few climbs, I was still aching from the Gorge walking so didn’t actually climb any just did some belaying. Will defiantly have to go there when I’m not aching so much.

We headed back to Matt’s and then headed out for some food before we went to the theatre to see Sister Act. Which will be in the next post.

Walking the River


Since I finished my exams I have stayed with my boyfriend for a few weeks and on the 22nd we took a little walk.

It was a nice sunny day that Shaun, Kelsey and myself decided to go on a trip. Up a river. A nice day for a bit of gorge walking up the Avon Ddu Gorge.

It was a nice walk in a cool river, would have been better without a pulled muscle in my back from sleeping funny the night before, but was glad I persevered.

The Return


So begins the return train journey back to uni at least there is only two trains for the return and not four. I’m not going to write much for this post other than now unless something really interesting happens.

Way Home



The temperature today is at about 0 degrees C and being up this early on a freezing cold day is a new for me, I really didn’t want to get out of bed at all.

Todays journey home started of very well, apart from realising when I ordered these tickets I forgot to use my rail card.


The next part from Cardiff Central to Bristol Parkway was interesting the train (more…)

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