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Graduation and Interview



A couple of months ago I had my final exam at uni. Having found out my results at the end of last month, today I am on the way back to Trefforest for the graduation ceremony. The ceremony will be shown live on the universities website: Live Webcast. The ceremony starts at 14:30. I will be graduating with a First Class BSc Honours degree in Live Events Technology.

On Thursday I have my first interview in Reading. Looks to be a pretty good position. Slightly nervous about it though.

Over the past few weeks I have been working on my database system for the family business. I have changed the way one feature – the monitor – works completely. It was requesting from the server every few seconds and getting a full list of all current monitors and iterating through the received list and updating any that had changed. Now instead of having to go to the server and receive a list of them all it opens up a web socket to a server holding all the monitors which pushes changes to each connected client. Whilst on the subject of push notifications, I have been developing an app for the business on iOS which pushes a notification out to the registered devices when we enter a new call into the system. Creating an app was much easier than I had expected it would be. Similar coding styles to other languages I have used. On top of all of that I have also been working on a door access system to register iButtons to allow them access to the office with multiple doors controlled and a couple of which will only be accessible by a select few iButtons. This has taken a back seat a bit as I am waiting for a couple of circuit boards to solder a chip onto as I have a surface mount chip that will enable me to read the multiple iButtons. The software I am using for it needs the device to be present for me to get the code correct and check that it is working.

New Year Changes


firworksWith the new year I have made some changes to my site and hosting with it moved to a new (faster) server (and much cheaper). I have a few new years resolutions which I hope to keep but am not going to post them up in case I do not keep them.

So close to graduating now with just 6 months left. It does not feel like I have been there for two and a half years, it has gone so fast. Met some amazing people and had an amazing time.

One week left


There is now just one week of shows left.

Been having an amazing time up here working on these shows, and most of the acts are wonderful to work with.

Seen quite a few amazing shows in other Pleasance venues. One of the best being Translunar Paradise. It’s such a great piece of mimed theatre with sounds and music created live on stage.

Had some great staff parties/get togethers so far and several more to go.

Was so good to have my boyfriend up here for a week and got to spend some time with him and spend lots of his birthday with him too.

Climbing Weekend


This weekend I had my boyfriend down spending Friday night till today with me. Decided to show him the labs at uni on Saturday quickly and then go to the union with members of our course to watch the Wales rugby game followed by the England game. Had a fun day on Sunday with climbing with some other people on our course as a break from all the work we have had recently and still have a few more to go yet. Today we followed this up and we walked up Y Garn, we would have then followed this with Pen Y Fan but the wind was not agreeing with my ears and was causing one of them real pain so we then went back down. Next time a hat will defiantly be in order.

One Year


Today marks a year of being with my partner. Yesterday we went to the cinema and saw The Muppets. I was then treated to a meal at Frankie and Benny’s which was delicious. This year has been amazing and to symbolise it he got me the bracelet shown which on one side says

Michael & Shaun

and on the other

Since 12-02-2011

the day I met him and spent my first weekend with him. Can’t wait to spend so many more good times with him, to go with the many I have had in the last 12 months.

New Web Host, New Year, and Last Years Events


It is now a new year and I have a new Web Host. I have not posted recently because there has been so much going on. I will try to not make this post too long and plan to post things more often from now on (yes I know if you read any of the earlier posts I say that every time, but it is a new years resolution and starting from now).

So much has happened over the last year and I am loving life at the moment. I have a wonderful boyfriend who I have been with for almost a whole year now. Over the summer we went to Paris together and to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and had a great time at both. The time together has been fantastic and despite him not living as close as I would like it is still going very well.

In Paris we did all the tourist attractions: La Tour Eiffel (The Eiffel Tower), The Arc de Triomphe, The Basilique du Sacre-Coeur, Notre Dame, Avenue des Champs-Élysées, La Sainte-Chapelle, Musée du Louvre and others. All of which had hundreds of steps at each. I couldn’t have asked to spend it with a better person than I did.

The Fringe Festival was fantastic too, so much so I plan to hopefully work on it this summer. We saw over 15 shows across the three days we were there and met some wonderful people from America performing a show up there which we then went to see, and we are still in contact with them.

In September I turned 20 and (more…)

Great Week


This last week has been so great, well mainly the last two days. On Thursday I got my A Level results, not as good as I was hoping to get, BBC, which was less than I needed to get into Glamorgan, but they offered me a place which made me so happy. Then on Friday morning took my driving test and passed first time. Got six minors. So, all in all had a great great week. Also added the On Call system and scheduling for vets for KMHS so all is good and now is having a week away and relaxing.

Scary week approaching fast


Well the beginning of this month has gone so fast and soon this week will disappear, and have done so much. Several driving lessons the retake of CCNA (which we won’t talk about, it didn’t go well) finishing the on call system, now with the scheduling to be done ASAP.

However, next week holds loads of things, one I am thinking of redoing Cisco again although with the other things happening next week I may want to decide not to, although not sure what other chance I will get toh do it. The next is next Thursday being A Level results day. I think I have done well enough, I just hope I have as I really want to go to Uni. Then if that wasn’t enough to end the week on, on Friday, I have my practical driving test, partly nervous of really.

Also in the last week I have created 5 Linux servers, a cluster of 3 which will run our internal websites and possibly our external one, and a cluster of 2 which will be used duke storage and to store the actual database.

I got some really pleasing news on Wednesday after I did the retake of my CCNA, the place where I did the exam to offered me an apprenticeship, which as I am going to Uni I had to decline but if I wasn’t then I would have defiantly said yes. What I will be asking is if I would be able to some work for them over summer holidays and after Uni possibly stay on in an apprenticeship but we shall see, got lots to think about again at the moment.

That’s enough for tonight, I will post again soon.

So much to do, so little time left


As the title says I have so much left to do this summer, but summer is going way too quick. There is lots of new features I hoped to have completed by now to my system at work, some of which I have but loads left to do. I have driving lessons going on and my practical test in about three weeks, the day before my test I get my A Level results and see if I have done well enough to get into Glamorgan. Then there is my CISCO CCNA retake exam next week. Tomorrow I am helping out with a show and hiring my lighting desk. Then in September the week before I am off up to university, I have War of The Worlds to light.

So much left to do. I hope everything goes well and that I get the grades I wanted, get into the uni I wanted and pass my tests.

Theory Test


Yesterday I had my Driving theory test, which I was partly dreading, I went through the test feeling fully confident on the questions, the hazard perception part not so. I passed though, 49 out of 50 for the questions and 44 out of 75 for the hazard perception, which was only just a pass with the pass for hazard perception being 44.

Now I just have to wait for my practical, which I am going to have to book a cancellation as the earliest date I can go for is the 1st October, and I won’t be in Cornwall then hopefully. So I have booked that but hopefully a cancellation will come up and will be able to have it earlier. Got a few more lessons to get in before it anyway, just being more confident at doing things really. I have a lesson later today in fact.

After writing this, I have been able to get a cancellation for the 20th August.

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