Lyon 2012


wpid-wpid-IMG_0529.jpgAfter a good trip last year to Lyon, we went to Lyon for a second time this year. After last year of driving to the airport overnight to make the early flight we decided it would be a much better idea to go the night before and get some sleep in a hotel before getting up and walking 2 minuets to checkin. Read more … (more…)

Birmingham NIA – Queen & Paul Rogers and Lee Evans



On Thursday my brother, mum, dad, and me went to Birmingham, to see Queen & Paul Rogers on Thursday evening and then Lee Evans on Friday evening.

We got back today and had an excellent time, and really enjoyed it, even if I did miss a couple of lessons which I could have done with going to, but I will just have to catch up on them.

Any way, Queen & Paul Rogers was really good and interesting. As I am a techy I was really interested in the lighting and sound which was superb. We were sat basically to the left of the stage and we couldn’t see the big screen but we could still see the stage well and could see the sound desks from where we were sat. There was two sound desks with three quarters of the desks being used which was about 72 channels of sound from microphones, guitars, drums, pianos, etc. The lighting that was used was really interesting and I would have really liked to have used all those moving heads. There was loads of them and I also liked how the trussing they were on had winches that moved them up and down so that the rigging was in a slightly different angle and position. I will post some pictures of some of the lighting although the camera on the iPhone didn’t pick up stuff that was happening n stage that well as there was so much smoke, the stage in most looks like a blob of light, partly due to the camera and partly the amount of lighting and smoke. I really enjoyed watching it and would love to see it again.

Lee Evans was also spectacular and it was extremely funny, he is someone I would really want to see again his stuff is always funny and he has a varied program including jokes (well he wouldn’t be a comedian if he didn’t) and also music. He also does really interesting stuff with three spotlights representing three different spaces and makes it more interesting making it seem like there is three of him one in each spot. He did a speed dating one when we saw him. I also enjoyed the lighting that was used in the performance as it was minimal but used several moving heads to great effect and was really interesting. With something like that that kind of lighting worked well.

Well I think I will finish off here.

Longleat Safari


Yesterday we went through the Longleat Safari. All the animals were very active and were moving around lots. The monkeys were the most interesting as they cause havoc. One jumpped up and down on our roof, but didn’t cause any dents. Another one had a go at our wingmir which he was sat on but it didnt come off despite his good attempts. We then went into the maze. We didn’t get to the centre and got very lost at one point. We will probably try again tomorrow. Hopefully we will be able to get to the middle.

Half Term


This half term I am going away in the caravan for a week. So don’t expect me to post to much on here. I may post the odd post as I am taking my laptop and my dad has an unlimited data usage sim card. So this will be probably my last post until next sunday.

UPDATED: I will actually post a cople of times.

I am staying on the caravan club site at Longleat. Its a very nice site, just to get in it is a long way where you go past Longleat House, we proably went about 5 miles just to get into the site

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