A couple of months ago I had my final exam at uni. Having found out my results at the end of last month, today I am on the way back to Trefforest for the graduation ceremony. The ceremony will be shown live on the universities website: Live Webcast. The ceremony starts at 14:30. I will be graduating with a First Class BSc Honours degree in Live Events Technology.

On Thursday I have my first interview in Reading. Looks to be a pretty good position. Slightly nervous about it though.

Over the past few weeks I have been working on my database system for the family business. I have changed the way one feature – the monitor – works completely. It was requesting from the server every few seconds and getting a full list of all current monitors and iterating through the received list and updating any that had changed. Now instead of having to go to the server and receive a list of them all it opens up a web socket to a server holding all the monitors which pushes changes to each connected client. Whilst on the subject of push notifications, I have been developing an app for the business on iOS which pushes a notification out to the registered devices when we enter a new call into the system. Creating an app was much easier than I had expected it would be. Similar coding styles to other languages I have used. On top of all of that I have also been working on a door access system to register iButtons to allow them access to the office with multiple doors controlled and a couple of which will only be accessible by a select few iButtons. This has taken a back seat a bit as I am waiting for a couple of circuit boards to solder a chip onto as I have a surface mount chip that will enable me to read the multiple iButtons. The software I am using for it needs the device to be present for me to get the code correct and check that it is working.