wpid-wpid-IMG_0529.jpgAfter a good trip last year to Lyon, we went to Lyon for a second time this year. After last year of driving to the airport overnight to make the early flight we decided it would be a much better idea to go the night before and get some sleep in a hotel before getting up and walking 2 minuets to checkin. Read more …

We stayed in the Premier Inn just opposite the front door of the airport, so close we could just roll out of bed into the airport. We got to the hotel around 9pm and met up with James Siddle who is currently on placement year. Took bags to the rooms and then went to the bar. We had to wait a while for our table to be ready for food and then had a very tasty meal. Well it wasn’t the best meal but it was not the worst. Deserts were very filling too, and Jonny had a sharing one all to himself, fair play to him for almost finishing it off however. Had a joke with one of the waitresses (who wasn’t drunk). It has to be said though I don’t think I have had more problems settling the bill than for that meal.
In the morning we arrived in the airport where all the first years were already there waiting for us.

When we got to the Hotel lets just say it was an interesting place. It was situated on an industrial estate. I was an ok place to sleep and suited the fact that we needed somewhere to stay although being a fair way outside of Lyon wasn’t as good.

The rest of the days there were spent seeing the sights and seeing all the lighting installations in the evening. On the Thursday we started at the highest point and the Roman Amphitheatre ruins. We then joined the others and went back down to the video mapped Chrysalises of Saint-Jean. We probably started at the best one first although the rest were very good this one kind of trumped the rest.

wpid1511-Lyon-1160.jpgThis was probably the quietest day, myself and Shaun came back to this one on another day and it took us a lot longer to get into the square and was a lot busier than when we were there first. On relation to it being busy, the last night we were there – Saturday – was by far the busiest. We ventured down a street which ended up being a bit of a mistake. It looked very busy but decided to go down there anyway. At both ends people decided to try and go past people so it ended up with two triangles of people where a small trickle of people were coming out of either end.

We visited the Museum of Miniatures which was very interesting with lots of film sets and other miniatures. A few are in the album below.

The main video mapping even was very spectacular again this year much better than last years:

One of the other interesting ones was Mysticète which was a projection on to a video screen which was not just an ordinary screen, it was a screen made of water mist.

I might add some more to this post at some point but for now I will just add some more pictures for now.

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